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⊙ Strong Partnership
- Our specialists provide you with high-quality monitoring services based on professional expertise and
- We are able to deliver a wide range of customized monitoring services to bring you extraordinary breadth and
   depth in coverage across all media.
⊙ Integrated Solutions
- We are capable of objective analytical strategies based on sector-based reports and diversified evaluation.
- IS & EASE offers the most comprehensive integrated media information solutions - from news monitoring and
   crisis management update to issue reports, actionable analysis and PR measurement - for effective business
⊙ Extensive Service
- IS & EASE's media monitoring services bring you the widest news coverage across all types of online and
   offline media including newspapers, television and magazines, both local and global.
- Our news and information translation service, media coverage analysis and updates on overseas media enable
   you to make the most of what different media has to offer in this rapidly changing environment.
⊙ Specialized Staff
- Our PR and news monitoring specialists come equipped with experience and expertise in a wide range of
⊙ Experience with Leading Companies
- We have acquired the best know-how through our work with leaders in virtually every sector and market.
⊙ Professional Service
- Our company has established the optimal infrastructure for providing the highest quality solutions tailored to
   your individual needs.
Please contact us for further information regarding our services. We appreciate your interest and will do our best to answer your queries.

- style@iscomm.com
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