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⊙ Data Tracking
Our systematic news content database enables you to search, sort and utilize information according to your needs.
⊙ Track Reports
Quantitative analysis reports based on archived news data for use in corporate PR and other promotional activities.
⊙ Value Analysis Reports
Qualitative reports based on archived news data and quantitative analysis to measure your media performance.
In the face of a media market overflowing with information, we deliver customized news monitoring services that will give you a competitive edge in management, planning, marketing, sales and public relations.
Our specialists help you achieve the most effective monitoring results by selecting and organizing news content in the format that will best suit your goals.
IS & EASE enables you to handle with competence crisis caused by inaccurate reporting or distorted information in today's news environment of round-the-clock coverage. Get our incisive news monitoring solutions across all types of online and offline media, including blogs, to operate a more effective risk management system.
We provide news reports on issues and trends based on coverage in both domestic and overseas media, monitored and analyzed over a specific timeframe

- Issue Reports
- Trend Reports
- Competitor Issue Reports
- Industry Trend Reports
⊙ Project-based Service :
News reports on short-term issues utilizing various monitoring tools to ensure customer satisfaction.

⊙ Information Analysis :
We offer a full range of services to supplement news monitoring including news coverage analysis, reports on local and global media trends, media list compilation, media policy consultations and other monitoring solutions.

⊙ Translation :
Our translation service is available between Korean and three languages currently in highest demand in the market-English, Japanese and Chinese. Full-text / headline translation and summarized translations offered.

⊙ Print Advertisement Monitoring :
Our print ad monitoring is among the most comprehensive in the industry, based on an in-depth understanding of the significance of print ad campaigns.

⊙ Broadcast Media Monitoring & IPTV Monitoring :
We provide the latest in broadcast media monitoring through IPTV solutions for an accurate understanding of your corporate image in the media.

⊙ News Database :
We maintain easily accessible and customizable databases on a wide range of corporate-related news to help our customers gain greater flexibility in storing and retrieving news content.

⊙ Flexible Format Delivery :
Delivery of media content in various formats, from news clippings categorized according to theme, to digitized storage like CDs for convenient use and access of monitored news.

⊙ E-mail Delivery :
Time-saving delivery of news reports via e-mail.

⊙ Other Services :
We are constantly updating new services to help our clients make informed PR decisions through relevant and timely media intelligence. Please inquire about the latest updates.
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