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As Korea's leading news monitoring specialist in the finance sector, IS & EASE has achieved expertise and demonstrated excellent performance in the field, from securities and banks to insurance.

IT & Technology
IS & EASE provides our customers in the IT and technology sectors, specializing in hardware, software, IT consulting, online games, online portals and semiconductors, with news monitoring solutions that focus on corporations, their competitors, industry-wide issues and policies. We have achieved expertise and demonstrated excellent performances by conducting accurate measurement of their PR programs.

Telecommunications & Broadcasting
In the telecommunications, broadcast and entertainment industries, IS & EASE has acquired extensive experience and expertise.

Retail & Consumer Products
IS & EASE provides news monitoring, trend reports and PR measurement for leading consumer goods manufacturers and retailers at home and abroad in the cosmetic, home appliances, liquor and cigarette industries to support their marketing activities.

Public Sector
Successful news monitoring for the public sector requires insight on a comprehensive range of issues from news on domestic government organizations to local politics and international affairs. To meet this highly specialized need, IS & EASE offers news consulting and monitoring services tailored for the government/public sector.

Great expertise and accuracy are required for monitoring news on health and pharmaceutical industries, both fields dominated by highly specialized media outlets and coverage. IS & EASE has improved customer satisfaction by locating specialized media in each field and offering continuous and systematic news monitoring services.

Other Industries
IS & EASE offers individually-tailored news monitoring services to clients in various industries at home and abroad to satisfy their needs and to help them enhance business efficiency.

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